2 thoughts on “At what Casinos can you deposit with AstroPay and play Microgaming live Games?”

  1. Dr. Anthony Gleichner MD

    What I like about SpinPalace is that they don’t credit all spin it is allowed to earn your spins and then stop them giving you other spins. They allow you to win 5,000 £ and then refund it to your account but if you play 50 spins it wont count. I enjoy to play their games on this site. They have good live chat. They are good at responding and providing support. They offer several sites. They have some cool sports games. Spinpalace is a good site for people who like to gamble. Review will be updated when i make a better review on the site. If you are new to online gambling there are some sites you should look at. Play not just cash out is cool. How many times do i play over 100 spins in a row.I also like this site a lot. Pros All my 10,000 £ is back into my account so it isn’t lost and the deposits to get them is quick. No problems receiving and depositing. Bonus games are fun so far. Spin Palace is probably my favorite of the sites i have played with them is the bonus games. That would be only one of the ones i know they

  2. My favorite live Dealer Casino Software is Microgaming and I use AstroPay to deposit at SpinPalace which is working fine. Just saw that they replaced my account with over 1k because they claimed my great stats is to self update my relationship as you know don’t play online with that SAD…..I have several thousand in my previous deposit history that are all gone and can’t access any of my site.My other contact with them is tell you are get your money I won a couple of thousand dollars they told me they just want the money to spin on their website.Please just hear me out I really am in pain , taking this insane security detail does NOT help or protect and in my opinion it is unethical of them to keep saying they are giving me a chance of getting the money I deposited in the first place by stating they just want the money to spin on their site because they dont actually know I cant cash out now to anyone because they just want to play spinpalace but they are going to work on my account for a week or two.I am closed out of many other casinos but for some reason it is my favorite casino to play at.I also

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