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1 thought on “What are the recommended live Casinos with Evolution Gaming Software and Bank Wire Transfer to deposit?”

  1. My favorite live Dealer Casino Software is Evolution-Gaming and I use Bank Wire Transfer to deposit at PartyCasino which is working fine on my laptop and laptop. If you are not confident in this casino make sure that at least one of your pc’s have internet service at least 2 days in a row to play on. Secondly feel free to use 888casino where your account is live 24 hours a day and keep an eye on it as I will be having an issue with PartyCasino. 3 out of 5 – Best of the best Casino Software out there. First and I must say is that I love this Casino software. Casumo seems to always give me something new to try and hopefully that continues for a long time. Another good thing about Casumo that I like is you can choose your Premier Member or not. This would give you the opportunity to really try a game before putting your money in. There are also a great variety of games and if you enjoy playing these games please keep playing. Lastly the fact that you can trade in your old selected games has made it much more accessible to me. The only downside to Casumo is that you can only participate in one of the casino’s promotions

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2 thoughts on “What are the recommended live Casinos with Ezugi Software and Bank Wire Transfer to deposit?”

  1. Harmony Buckridge

    My favorite live Dealer Casino Software is Ezugi and I use Bank Wire Transfer to deposit at PartyCasino which is working fine now, I like that casinos are fast and don’t need any paper proofs. Thanks to partycasino, I like it. XONICasino, which I also use to send multiple Bank Wire Checks to be processed by it. Are you started your authorisation? Thank you. PS. Linking is much better than duplicate pages.   Date/time is displayed on the jpeg . Upload links. Periodically check it’s linked but don’t let me upload them multiple times. It’s obvious where to go if this would help. Keep in mind that the bot stops playing . I lost money from there. In any case, I don’t have an account on Casumo, they use different user names. Deactivate me if you see my name in several different link – e.g, EASYWATCH & EASYWATCH AT HOME . And by the way, that is not linked to my email, it’s not. I am aware that you are always looking for my name to check how I connect from different verifications. I had email verification check from when I could check is there a connection from email, if there was multiple verification. Now, when

  2. What I like about PartyCasino is that unlike other sites, you can win money without being asked for ID. I’ve also tried withdrawing cash from my account and it’s still in my partycassotile and not in my bank account. They also seem to be checking my twitter handle as I can’t remove it when I want to give a review. Overall the customer service is excellent and i would highly recommend to any partycasino user out there.Update 7/11/2016: I would like to add that unlike other sites, you can’t withdraw money from your account. I tried this and I get an email stating that I need to enter my bank account details. It seems that you need a couple of day to submit bank documents. I have had to contact them 10 times to get this to happen. Also, I’ve been told that my photo ID is proof, but I am still requesting it. I would suggest someone delete their account before you try to withdraw money. I’ve had the experience that many other sites have with having to do this in order to withdraw cash.Update 2/11/2017: Once I have verified my

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