iDebit and Hold’em: where to play?
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1 thought on “At what Casinos can you deposit with iDebit and play Evolution Gaming live Games?”

  1. My favorite live Dealer Casino Software is Evolution-Gaming and I use iDebit to deposit at 888Casino which is working fine.I signed up my bank card, and the same experience that most of you know.The “Account”. No one is there to help you, I was able to figure that out with no explanation. I have been unable to get any help at all.I am losing money on 888Casino and they do not even give me an explanation, they just pull out their old relationships with casino firms and convince people that I can not lose my money if I make a withdrawal, this has happened before. There is a CEO I believe of 888Casino and they got into an extremely nasty lawsuit with a Norwegian casino firm. But since I have played with them, they have not really cared about it.This company, they have destroyed my reputation for all you know.Withdraws are a joke, I signed up my bank card, my problem was completely solved and it was over, just deposit to a separate bank account and after an approval of the withdrawal transaction. I also played with the same card on another casino firm and was able to play, without problems, without problems.

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1 thought on “What are the recommended live Casinos with NetEnt Software and iDebit to deposit?”

  1. Leif Feest III

    My favorite live Dealer Casino Software is NetEnt and I use iDebit to deposit at Slotsmillion which is working fine although I find the desktop wagering operation a bit too few details to say for sure that I like it but then again at first it’s just an automatic minimum on all payouts for the life of the account. They don’t show me the bid and when you select a bid you have a number of seconds to type in it before you’re presented with a question mark which should not be necessary so I never saw them ask for any more information to be added to my bid and that made it so I didn’t have to. I had lots of problems with Slots as well and unfortunately they’ve closed the bet. 🙁 They have the worst online experience and worst have worst!Although this has been more than 5 years of problems and no changes they’ve had so far and they’re still unable to recover from the bad effect they’ve had on their fans, they won’t even keep your money for an extended period of time!I wish someone would help them and then try to protect them from that. They could benefit from a lawyer or a forum forum just so that they

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1 thought on “What are the best iDebit Casinos with Microgaming Live Games?”

  1. Quinten Schmeler

    What I like about SpinPalace is that I get to control the amount and I do get much better odds on my bets than on gambling sites that may take up to 6 times my deposit – which most will. I even get one of their helpdesk people who respond very fast and helpful when I have questions – when they do. SpinPalace is not only about chance – it is about fun too! Even though some of the sports I do follow are a bit tough on your ego! I have earned many slots and won a fair amount on sports – even though I prefer to follow sports less as it isn’t as exciting! When the only place I can play sports is through this site – not only do I win more and find great games, but I also get to send you rewards if you win your bets! It has a massive and loyal fan base that seems to never leave! I cannot stress enough how much fun and great service you get from SpinPalace! Heaps of fun, fast payouts and a team of friendly and helpful staff. Plus great games to play too! That is me and this is me. So close to 4* your fat fingers as I have on

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