1 thought on “At what Casinos can you deposit with QIWI and play Evolution Gaming live Games?”

  1. My favorite live Dealer Casino Software is Evolution-Gaming and I use QIWI to deposit at Casoo which is working fine so far with the safety deposit and soon i will withdraw to my bank and to my bank card and then go on the web site to make an withdraw and make sure to hit the withdraw button for next day or my bank card gets bounced!! it helps me alot from having to live on CASH. Thank you Evolution Gaming! -Rich>raadbrilliant!!!!. So impressed with the support here. Very helpful and helpfull for anyone experiencing a problem. Great experience and I found a Casino to be very much fun to play. :)thanks -LiamScot. My Preferred Casino Service. Highly recommend Casoo. I love Casoo but I don’t think there is a site that you will not find a faster and better service than this one from now on. A beautifully simple, logical, structured system that is easy to understand and simple to play but really holds a lot more fun than other casinos, Casoo is very much in my opinion. So many places should offer this service. You will find Casoo is unlike other online casinos in that it is in your hands and you can

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2 thoughts on “At what Casinos can you deposit with QIWI and play Ezugi live Games?”

  1. Blaise Pacocha

    My favorite live Dealer Casino Software is Ezugi and I use QIWI to deposit at Casoo which is working fine. My only complaint is their 5% negative poker bonus when you win $1,000, but I was able to get my deposit even without it. I didn’t give them this amount because I don’t play online anymore, I mean I would know if I wanted to play $3000 back, but they are able to get that amount just by using your card.I used this casino and I have heard of them in the past, but never before had I seen Casoo with a live chat and easy access to VIP Lounge! I won’t say Casoo is better than most Casino, but I will say that Casoo is an excellent Casino and a great source of entertainment.Be sure to use Casoo for live casino, and deposit to get your deposit bonus! Regards,Oliver PrestonI deposit on every good site, never deposited to Casoo.I like Casoo and their live chat that is nice to talk about poker games etc.Best Casino I have played. I deposit on the sites like GhostBox,3xbet and my family will all like it because Casoo does have a fantastic VIP Lounge with games that you can win it. Casoo knows all

  2. What I like about Casoo is that the UK environment is so much more friendly than there USA counterpart. I use all of the different sites, but I was the only one to complain about the hassle of logging in and then checking the status. Imagine waking up the next day with a log in but no confirmation and no log out, it’s pure torture. I’m quite happy with Caso, so I’m not going to complain here. Unfortunately I had to close my account because it wasn’t the right fee. So I don’t recommend Caso (still not closed! ), only because I need it for other sites. I know I shouldn’t complain about mistakes you have to take the necessary steps to fix, but it was frustrating for me. Please do not recommend Caso at all costs. I would like to give a thumbs up to  mat2gaming and more! 🙂 Update: Ok so I’ve made some good contacts with the Caso team and am reading through their errors/information, I’m going to be giving them a personal review. Thanks for all the replies so far! That’s great news. I would recommend Caso to all Cas

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